AintGotNoClue: Advertisiers don't listen to lyrics

One thing that annoys me is inappropriate music in adverts. I’m sure you’ve heard them – the car adverts backed by a rap track about carjacking, or the clothes ad with music about a girl who looks good whatever she wears. It shows that ad execs Have No Brain and only think in terms of jingles rather than actually listening to the words.

Prime offender for this is any advert which uses Nina Simone’s “Ain’t Got No….” throughout. I reckon it must be the number one overused ad track of all time. Here in the UK it’s been used for yoghurts to….well, anything else, really.

It’s made all the more silly by the fact that the song is all about not having money, possessions and all the rest of that capitalist ad-filled clutter. It’s the ultimate “don’t need this shit” song and should be anathema to advertisers everywhere. Yet still they use it, because it’s a darned good song.

If only they, just once, actually listened it!

So here’s the question for you: What’s your annoying advert song, and why?

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