WeatherReport: It's raining

Did you know there are at least 800 songs about rain? I suspect about 600 of those were written by a Brit, as it’s a subject very close to our hearts.

Right now it feels like it’s been raining since forever. If the temperature was just a smidgen (a unit of measure defined as the length of a pigeon’s beak) lower we’d be swathed in layers of gorgeous, photogenic snow. But no. We’ve just got rain, rain, rain.

And wind.

Ah well. Mustn’t grumble.

I’ve been playing Black, the ps2 game where almost anything is blowupable (which isn’t a word but should be). It’s a glorious game for whiling away the rainy hours, and (despite what the review above says) is probably the best fps ever on the ps2. The only thig that’s missing is a random deathmatch-style option, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Microlite20 is picking up a tremenduous pace too. I’m flattered by just how many positive vibes it’s gotten from the RPG community. Lovely to know there are folks out there, playing my game. Woot, etc :) Expect more announcements about M20, soon.

Meantime I’m moving and organizing about 4,000 photos, trying to collate the best of them into categories. That’s going to take….a while!

Oh, and I’ve another article or two to write for Greywulf::Net too.

Hmmmmmmm. Maybe it’s a good thing it’s raining after all :)

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