CaringForAmericans: Yes, I do care :)

My friend WSmith said in a comment:

This makes it sound like you hate us Americians. I hope this isn’t the case.

Far from it. Individually, Americans are great. I’ve a lot of good friends who come from the USA, and I’m proud to know them.

But America the country is going to the dogs bigtime right now, and it makes it all the worse that there are so many good people from those shores. They don’t deserve the government they have.

It’s like Germans in 1940s Germany, or Russians under Stalin. I’m sure there were great people living in both countries at the time, folks you’d love to spend time with, who’d laugh at your jokes and be happy to share a round of drinks or two with.

Not that I’m comparing Bush to Hitler or Stalin, note; every tyrant is different. In Bush’s case he’s abusing the power given to him by the people for questionable, illegal and immoral reasons. There are too many questions over his motives and too many links between him and the organizations that profit from these wars. What he is doing is killing people for material gain, and taking the US down with him. Every man, woman and child in America is now the target for terrorism worldwide because of Bush, and carries more national debt than ever before. He’s bankrupting the nation and sending US soldiers to their deaths to line his own pockets.

People are being duped and taken in by his lies and propoganda. They’re saying that more Americans have died in Iraq than died in 911. That’s true, but Iraq had nothing to do with 911! Neither did Afghanistan. Asama Bin Laden probably funded it, but we have no proof of this other than Bush’s say-so, and we know how reliable that is. Bin Laden will never stand trial, that’s for sure. Bin Laden was not a member of the Afghan government, not an Afghan citizen yet Bush and Blair declared war on the country, just because he was living there and Afghanistan refused extradition. It’s questionable whether Al Qaeda the organization even existed before 9/11; the name just means “the base”. Now, there’s not doubt it exists. Bush brought it into being by his policies.

Most of the suspects in 911 came from Saudi Arabia, yet that country stands unscathed in all this. Why? Because the Bush administration has close business ties with the Saudi royal family. Business, all business.

It stinks.

So yes I care, because I care about Americans and the rest of the world. So no, I don’t hate Americans. I hate what’s being done in their name.

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