ShamlessPlagiarism: Thomas Hawk and Exaile.

In which greywulf repeats things other people have found

Public Energy wrote about the Photowalking podcast. I’ve watched the first couple of videos about Thomas Hawk and I’ve instantly fallen under his easy going-yet-obsessive-about-photography spell. His flickr feed is enough to inspire anyone to take a camera with them, always. Pure brilliance, and a great find. has reviewed the Exaile Media Player. It’s like iTunes for Linux but without the evil DRM, godawful AppleStore integration and restrictions on you copy your music onto an iPod. And it doesn’t freeze the whole fricking computer while writing ID tags. So, it’s not like iTunes at all :)

Imagine a music player which sorts all your music, wherever it is. It links artists and album information directly from wikipedia, shows lyrics and guitar tablature (where available), and pulls cover art straight from the Internet. Plug in an iPod and it’ll sync and send your playlist to if you tell it to. And it can play music straight from the iPod without a need for the track to also exist on the computer too, so there’s no need for duplicate copies of tracks all over the place. If it’s on the iPod, you can play it straight through the computer. Oh, and it handles internet radio too, including using streamripper to snarf the streams as mp3 for your future listening pleasure.

Imagine that, and you’ve got Exaile. And it’s just a 300k download. No, really. My previous Linux media play was Amarok which did most of this, but required huge KDE libraries and just doesn’t feel as responsive or friendly as Exaile. It’s well worth taking for a spin is you use GNOME, especially if you’re an Ubuntu Linux user.

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