TheSkyIsFalling: Rain, Tommy Lee Jones and Bill Joy. Together at last.

It feels like it’s been raining non-stop for a hundred days here in good old Blighty. There’s the persistent drum-drum-drum of raindrops hitting… well… everything, and I’m seriously thinking about building an Ark, if only to save our pheasants as I’m not sure if they float.

Last night we watched US Marshals, which is that rarest of movies; a sequel better than the original. The Fugitive was good, but the presence of two truly great actors (Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones) vying for screen time combined with a well-known plot made for a weaker film IMHO.

In comparison Wesley Snipes takes more of a backseat to Tommy Lee’s wonderful performance, and the movie is all the better for it. Add in some great action set-pieces, most notably the plane crash at the beginning of the movie and Snipe’s emulation of Spiderman by line-swinging onto a moving train, and it’s a corker. The plot moves along at a fairly brisk pace with good backup from the supporting cast. It certainly doesn’t feel like you’ve been watching for 90 minutes by the time the end credits roll.

I’ve been re-reading up on the early history of UNIX and the strides made by the folks at Berkeley, etc. We owe them much and it’s their vision which made Linux and the whole world wide web accessible. Without the contribution from people like Bill Joy, the internet would be a much darker place.

I salute you.

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