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I never asked him about the web space. I sent him a link to our half done web site and asked him what he thought about it (out of old habit). At the same time we had problems with the server here so I had a rant about that and how it almost ALWAYS goes down in weekends. And that’s when he offered this solution :D

I recommend his services however, coz he’s got answers to all those silly questions anyone might have about web hosting and if there’s anything you need and he can fix it, he will.
So it’s a good deal for the money :D

The server is dedicated and is living in California btw.

Christa 2007-01-03 12:41 UTC

What a great idea – good luck with it.

Happy new year!

MsDemmie 2007-01-03 18:36 UTC

Silverscreen Photography is impressive and I’m sure it will be taken up in no time!

Much sucess

– Anonymous 2007-01-03 21:09 UTC

I’ll bow and take all the credit here since it’s both my idea and design ;)

christa 2007-01-03 22:47 UTC

Fantabulous Christa!

– Anonymous 2007-01-04 21:01 UTC

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