WorkingTheWeb: Setting up Silverscreen Photography

Yesterday was a pretty intense time online. While I was giving Greywulf::Net the face-lift of the century, Christa was putting together Silverscreen Photography. This is our new business which offers to turn you into a Hollywood Star (or Starlet) straight from the 1940s.

It’s a complete make-over service which provides the clothing, make-up and hair for a studio portrait of your very own. We aim to make you look a million dollars from the age when a million dollars was a lot of dough.

As you’d expect, we’re pretty excited about the whole thing. Take a look at the Before and After pictures to get an idea of the end results.

As well as this rather special service, we’re offering the regular packages of studio portraits, pet shots and weddings. It’s all go!

A part of the reason we’re setting the site up now is thanks to the excellent service provided by our friend JD over at JD-DCH. Christa asked him about serverspace in the morning and by the afternoon it was in place for us, complete with active, registered domain. Pretty much every package from WordPress to Mambo is pre-prepared and ready to install into your space so there isn’t even a need to do the download-and-install shuffle. If you do need to spend time on the server though, there’s direct access via ssh.

Web hosting with JD-DCH starts at $95.40 for 2Gb space and 50Gb bandwidth and a whole raft of thrown in extras. In UK terms, that’s under £50 for a year and a total bargain.

Disclaimer: JD has told us that if just three people sign up and say Greywulf or Christa sent them, we get our hosting free. So if you want great hosting, and help Silverscreen Photography get off the ground at the same time, this is the way to do it :D

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