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Cellphones are everywhere. If you haven’t got one, you want one. If you’ve got one, you want a newer one. It’s all new, new, longer battery life, brighter colour, sexier buttons and sliders. When will this vicious circle ever end?!

Until it does, there’s no shortage of providers. One such is Wirefly in the US. They offer services through Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular and more, and their website includes a zipcode checker so you can make sure you have the coverage where you need it most.

Right now there’s a 24-hour offer on Motorazrs too, so if you fancy something in pink, they should be able to provide.


As far as layout is concerned, the site suffers from being too cramped and eager to convey as much information as possible. While that might be a good thing for some, it can also be off-putting. Less is frequently more. If they put fewer borders around everything, the whole site would improve a hundredfold.

The whole structure though is sound, professionally constructed and leaves no doubt that these guys are able to deliver. It’s conforting that they accept phone order too and their site carries the all important kitemarks from VeriSign, Trust, etc. In the world of web scams, these are good things.

If I wanted a new phone in the US, I’d certainly give these guys a look.

This is a sponsored blogpost through ReviewMe.

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