UpdatesAtGreywulfNet: Prettier, newer and working too.

I haven’t done anything with Greywulf::Net following a server crash before Christmas which left the database kinda futzy. Until now.

I’ve fixed the db, upgraded Drupal (the bestest CMS engine on the planet) and added a new kick-ass theme.


It’s still a work-in-progress as I need to check each module is working, make sure that the news aggregator is behaving and scope out the new modules. Busy stuff.

Then there’s the content. I’m going to post new content on Greywulf::Net weekly covering php, Perl, Ruby and reviews of all that’s good from the software world. I’m also going to bring the wiki online too so there’s an open place where designers can talk to programmers and compare notes. That’s the plan, anyway. When our business is underway I’m going to put out a call for volunteers to help work on the site; four admins will mean a commitment of roughly one post a month to keep the weekly content juices flowing. If you’d like to help, just let me know :)

More later, need coffee.

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