HeresLookingAtYou: Well, looking just over your left shoulder, really.

Here's looking at you

Well, looking over your left shoulder, really. Just over there, at the photo on your back wall. It’s not straight, by the way. Ha! Made you look, didn’t I?

I took this a few days ago while fiddling with the little Nikon. It’s now called the little Nikon because the little Nikon (the Nikon 885, for those that care about these things) died a sad and lonely death. So now, the big Nikon is the little Nikon. Capich? Good.

Nikon non-SLR digicams are great for macros as their minimal focus distance is usually under an inch. It’s very satisfying to stick a camera ludicrously close to a subject and get a sharp shot. This Nikon also has a swivelling LCD so it’s possible to turn it right round and shoot yourself. So to speak.

So, I did. It’s not what you’d call a flattering shot by any means.

I have come to the only logical conclusion.

My skin is older than I am.

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