YoudBetterBeGood: A cautionary tale

We ran. The car lay abandoned in the ditch, and I remember scraping my feet along the roadside as we jumped before the car had even come to a full halt. Behind us in the darkness, I knew it was following us, impossibly flying through the air tracking our every movements. We had to hide, though we knew it would find us. Just like it did last Christmas time.
Ahead lay an old house, boarded up after a fire had gutted the inside and taken a sleeping old woman with it. We used to play in there a few years ago, and I hoped we could still fit through the hole in the rotten wood covering the back door. Being fifteen, I’m a different size to when I was twelve. I could tell Zep was thinking the same. He’s filled out a lot more than me.
“Come on!”, I yelled at him, grabbing his meaty arm and pulling him along. I didn’t want a repeat of last year. I wasn’t going to lose another friend.

Here’s a little story I wrote last Christmas Eve. In the finest spirit of goodwill to all men, it’s a cautionary tale that reveals what happens when little boys and girls haven’t been good during the year. Oh, and it reveals the real reason why Rudolph’s nose is red. You have been warned.

Read the rest over at The Grey Scribe.

Happy Christmas!

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