OhChristmasTreeOhChristmasTree: Happy Christmas, all

When Christmas trees diet Complete

Christa put the Christmas tree up yesterday while I wisely sat back and watched. The pic on the left I called “When Christmas trees diet: A Cautionary Tale” and it was the work in progress while she built the tree. Yes folks, we’re artificial all the way here at Greywulf Towers. I prefer my real trees in the ground, keeping the ozone layer doing what it should. Or something.

The one on the right is the finished article, complete with pink fluffy lights. They look like a cross between a pink strawberry and a Tribble. I hope they don’t multiply; maybe I’d better count them, just to be sure. I like ‘em.

Now it only remains for me to wish you all Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

May your hopes and dreams be filled with happiness, and may Santa
bring you what you deserve, and may what you deserve be what you want
it to be.

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