NineteenEightiesAllOverAgain: A poem by me.

Pet Shop Boys
Noel Edmonds
Expensive toys

Console games
In a pastic box
Basil Brush
The crazy fox

Daleks battle
Doctor Who
You think Big Brother
Looking at you.

Insane leaders
Pointless wars
Third rate actors
Tabloid whores

Royal wedding
Lies breed fear
Of communism

MS Windows
Killer virus
But worse evil
Walks among us

Fallen idols
Scandal stars
Backroom deals in
Seedy bars

You’ll see it all
On News at Ten
The Nineteen Eighties
All over all over all over again.

– by Me.

Feel free to add your own verses in the comments. Some of this might only make sense to folks living in the UK. I make no apology for not being American :)

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