We’ve been without electricity since about 5am, when a tree, rain and heavy wind decided to unite two overhead power cables in unholy matrimony. The resulting sparks blew the transformer turning an ancient rats’ nest of cables and black boxes into a bit of a fireball. Net result: Forces of Nature 1, Power Company 0.

So we’ve had lifting platforms, trucks and vans around the place cutting down trees, replacing the cabling and installing a shiny new transformer. Power eventually returned around 7pm while we sat in the candlelight.

Electricity. Lovely stuff, when it works.

In other news: Anyone spot the flaw in this service (Economist article. Silly free subscription required, so don’t bother):

For $10 a month, parents can call up the location of their child’s handset from their own mobile phones, or from a PC. The child receives a message saying that the handset’s position has been requested, and the parents receive an address, or a marker on a web-based map, giving the child’s location.
For an extra $10 per month, they can sign up for Child Zone, a service that, among other things, fires off an alert when a youngster (or, at least, the youngster’s handset) strays outside a specified area.

So, if your child is abducted by paedophiles (or communists, terrorists or whatever the latest media-bred bogeyman happens to be), they’ll ditch the cellphone somewhere you think is safe. This leaves you thinking your pride and joy is ok, but your child is a worse situation, and with no cellphone too.

Clearly, they haven’t thought this through. Again.

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