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Thank gawd for that, I thought I was the only one who thought Catherine Tate is crap, and that Bush should be shot, or at least tried for his crimes (and perhaps Blair also, for just being his lapdog!).
As for rap, have you ever watched that poo that is being aired on the music channels on sky???

London rappers trying to be something there not, grabbing their nuts, singing about “ho’es”, I mean, get with it…
Why would some women want to be “smacked up like a bitch”? in fact what the hell does that really mean anyway?
“Busting a cap in yo’w ass” another example.
Hey I’m 27, I like some rap, a bit of Eminem, snoop dog but where does it end in the world of bling!?

I think the worst example are when artists that are known for their, shall we say, less confrontational songs, turn to hip hop or dance.
I’ll not go into detail about Maria Carey’s attempt or Celine Dion for that matter.

Catherine Tate, now theres a subject…how did that manage to get passed for entertainment I’ll never know, not to be sexist, but I think men are better at comedy, excluding Dawn French, Kathy Burke etc. The thing that really does my box, is its from the BBC, and their advert says something along the lines of “we provide good quality programes, because of the unique way it is funded”, well I’m sorry, I wouldn’t fund that garbage!

As for advertising, I really hate those cheesy commercials on not only TV but radio too. The annoying little jingles that you can’t get out of your head and you end up singing them…

Anyway, my rant over.
Now I feel better too!!!

The Creator 2006-12-03 21:01 UTC

But you like Eminem…or Enimen or whatever his name is again? @c@ Gee…I can’t even spell it. That’s rap too, ya know ;)

Anyways…you forgot one thing that I might add to a list that I otherwise agree with completely: British and Australian soaps.
I know that you and others have told me that the British audience identify with them, but seriously….I had no idea that everyone around here were cry babies that were constantly either cheated on each other or were cheated on.
Soaps like that are NOT entertainment. Period.
It’s crap.

Christa 2006-12-04 00:35 UTC

Hell yeah,
The soaps are in competition with each other all the time.
One has to have a gay scene, so does the other.
One has an underage pregnancy, sooooooo does the other.

And it all happens in one area too…
I mean, one soap has had it all, story lines of rape, underage pregnancies, stabbings, shootings, gangsters warfare(!).
Jesus, you’d think with all the trouble, there would be no bugger living there.
On our street, we’re lucky to have a shed broken into!!!

The one that made me laugh was Emmerdale… plane crash, tanker exploding, freak storm, murder plots…my god, who said Yorkshire was a peaceful and calm place?

I think I will stick to my daughters viewing, and just watch Lazy Town all day!!!!


The Creator 2006-12-04 21:27 UTC

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