Comments on 2006-06-06 1109 Fun: Save Knowledge+WILL vs. DC 15!!

Firtefox? LOL
I dunno about you, but I’m using Firefox :grin:
And it works great too.

christa 2006-06-06 15:28 UTC

Do you still use this, Robin? In recent days I felt the occasional urge to fire off an instant message without wanting to send email. Or are you resisting the IM pull/spam on purpose? ;)

AlexSchroeder 2006-12-02 20:26 UTC

Resisting, so far – it’s far too easy to be drawn into the IM black hole and before you know it the day has gone!

GreyWulf 2006-12-02 21:52 UTC

Save Knowledge+WILL vs. DC 15!!

To be honest, however, I rarely spend a lot of time chatting via IM, since 1:1 is the default. IRC is much worse in this respect, because group chat is the default. And chances that somebody somewhere is awake right now and has something interesting to say are high on some channels.

AlexSchroeder 2006-12-02 22:30 UTC

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