Holy carp, I’ve written a lot of stuff in my time. Here’s the index for this site. That’s a lot of words, folks.

Considering this is my….um……fourth or fifth blog in many years of blogging, this is just a fraction of all the stuff I’ve written. That’s excluding The Grey Scribe and Greywulf::Net too. Sheesh.

But it’s not over yet! No siree. Microlite20 is my latest pet project, and it’s going from strength to strength. The teeny-tiny core rules have gone down well, and it’s seeing active use from gamers around the globe. There’s even talk of a book deal, which is nice.

Right now I’m working on shifting the emphasis of that site a little so it pushes the core rules forward first, and makes it clear that everything else is optional. The rules were starting to get lost in the middle of all the House Rules, and that will never do :)

In other news:
Fluff Freeman is dead. Rest In Peace, pop-pickers as another era draws to a close.
– Christa’s laptop is (kinda) dead too. It drowned. Don’t ask.
– Music not dead though. I’ve been listening to The Killers, Simon Webbe (gorgeous voice!) and Mad World from that advert. You know the one.

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