YourBlogIsTooBig: A rant

My blog: 112k, including images.

Your blog: Anything from 1 fricking MEG up to 3 Meg. Stop with the videos in every post, flash, streaming sound and HUGE images scaled down to tiny sizes, already. It doesn’t make your blog better. It just means you’re a lazy leecher of other peoples’ bandwidth, ok?

Oh, and pink backgrounds. Just. Don’t.

Thanks. I feel better now.

In other news:

Meez is a great, fun site which lets you create animated avatars, all for free. Think of it as a cartoon version of the character builder from Sims 2 that saves animated gifs, and you’re pretty much there. It needs Firefox and Java installed, but it’s worth the pain.

Here’s the unanimated version of mine. Click on it to see the animated version.


That, my friends, is how to link animations, videos, etc into your blog. Now you know!

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