I’ve signed up for ReviewMe to see what all the buzz is about; I never expect remuneration from these things, but it’s fun to see just how they work, if they work. So, I’m taking them at their word. They asked to Review Me, so I did :)

But first, my own opinion. I think that the ‘net has reached advertising saturation point where we all do is the mental equivalent of going to the toilet or making the tea when we see another ad, banner graphic or product review that’s really a thinly disguised ad-for-cash. But hey, I’m an open minded kinda soul, so let’s see what happens.

First off, I’ve registered, submitted all the usual details including name, address, paypal address for when they send cash. Yeh. Right. I’ve added this blog, so let’s sit back, and wait………

Layout-wise their site is clean, colourful and optimistic in tone. I’d expect nothing less. It’s unusual that they provide exactly the same portal for both advertisers and bloggers; I’m sure the teletubby styling will appeal to your typical idiot who things they really can make money from blogging, but I’m not so sure that will appeal to the hard-nosed corporate advertiser. Perhaps it will work though; at least for a while before the fads moves on.

I see four possible scenarios for ReviewMe:

  1. It’s a success, Google buys it
  2. It’s a success, someone copies the idea, Google buys them instead
  3. It’s a short-term success, then crashes and burns as the marketers move on to new pastures
  4. It dies a quiet and ignoble death

Place your bets now, people!

Really, I hope it succeeds. Anything that replaces the dreadful Adsense culture that the ‘net has turned into is a good thing, and I’d much rather see actual opinions and reviews than copy-and-paste adblocks, anyday.

Good luck to them.

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