Evening Serenade

I took this pic a few days ago whilst out walking with my boys. To be more accurate I walked, my 8 year-old cycled and my 5-year old scooted. Both got soooooo muddy, especially up the back. There’s something about puddles, wheels and speed that brings out the demon in children :)

I don’t know what there is about sunsets. Every single one inspires the same awe as if it’s the first one you’ve ever seen. That golden glow just captures the imagination like nothing else. I can imagine cavemen watching the sun setting from the mouth of their cave, all going “woah!” and wishing they’d invented digital cameras so they could show all of their friends.

Conversations with me grow odd, the later at night it is:

She: “Ugh. I hate taking Lactolose!”
Me: “Lactolose? Isn’t that the name of the elf in Lord of the Rings?”

Just so you know.

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