Sweetie, Anyone?

Ah, the sweet things in life. Sorry to say that this particular packet is long gone, though I’m sure there will be others in the near future.

I’m sat here (well, laid here) with Linux doing what Linux does best – I’ve got two documents open in Open Office, Picasa, GIMP with a huge jpg, Adobe Acrobat with a .pdf, two terminal windows (one of which is ssh’d to a server somewhere in California), a file browser, XMMS playing Ace of Base and Opera with all my mail, rss and 16 web pages in tabs. And the laptop isn’t even breaking a sweat.

Do something like than in XP and I’m be in Disk Swap Hell by the time it’s reached Picasa. On the same system. I know; I’ve tried. Don’t expect Vista to be any better either folks. Microsoft plans to make your hardware bleeeeeed. And you know it.

Did I mention that Linux is looking particularly gorgeous too? And there no viruses or adware to worry about or protect against. OK, just checking.

That’s enough Linux Evangelism for now. I’m sure you’ve got the idea.

More stuff later………need coffee……

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