OMG! What’s happened? The ‘wulf has lost his senses and installed WordPress in preference to OddMuse. That’s like dropping a swiss army chainsaw and using a toothpick instead. The ‘wulf has clearly lost his mind.

Mourn not, fellow ‘net travellers! The ‘wulf is still as sane as ever (all things being relative). He’s just been and gone and created a WordPress Kubrick-style theme for OddMuse, just to see if he could.

It all started with pppBlog, a rather clever little blogging engine that we’ve been fiddling with today. That’s got a few nifty tricks up it’s sleeve, the main one being that it doesn’t use a database to store blogposts, so there’s one fewer points of failure. It’s also dead easy to handle backups, hack the themes, etc. Bear with me. I’m getting there.

Anyhow. A lot of the pppBlog themes are actually Wordpres themes that have been manipulated, so I figured if they can do that, why can’t I?

Hence the result – a complete, fully fledged wiki that looks, feels and (pretty much) acts just like Joe Average’s blogging system. Except it’s got CamelCaps, RecentChanges, a MicroBlog, per-page RSS, inline RSS aggregation (see my NewsFeeds page for an example) – and so much more.

Oh, and it’s only 138k in size (plus a few k for the additional modules) and STILL no database required.

Damn. I love OddMuse.

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