MyNameIsDavid: New story at The Grey Scribe.

My name is David, and I am running for my life.
Three weeks ago the dreams started. I have been running ever since. I know he is coming for me, though I don’t know how, or why. The dreams began on May 22; I woke with a guttural scream, my bedclothes torn as it from some frenzied attack. I packed quickly and fled the apartment. I knew it was my only chance. To escape.
I have crossed twelve states, driven three cars before leaving them deserted by the road, starved of gasoline. I have walked, hitched and run. I stole a childs’ bicycle in Toledo. Finally I fled the country moving from Canada to Russia and into Europe. Three weeks three short, unimaginable weeks.

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It’s been such a long time I’d written anything for The Grey Scribe that I’d almost thought that I had lost my writing mojo. I’m glad to say it was just resting. :)

This came to me as a story idea this morning. If you like your horror a little abstract, read on.

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