PocketMod: A paper PDA

Yesterday I created a version of Microlite20 (my teeny tiny d20 compliant RPG system) as a pocketbook. It looks like this:


That’s a character sheet and all the rules in a booklet that’ll fit in your back pocket. Neat, eh?

I created it using a PDFtoPocketMod utility from PocketMod, which is an excellent place to write about anyhow. So that’s what I’m going to do :)

PocketMod uses the ingenious idea of actually using paper as a PDA. I know, it’s revolutionary! Who’d have thought it?

Where PocketMod really shines is the format; print just a single sheet of paper and you can cut and fold it into a neat 8 page booklet. The utility on the site lets you choose your own content; from single day, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars, todo lists, blank grids and even a random sudoku page. This really is the throwaway PDA for anyone’s needs.

There’s a downloadable utility too which will convert any 8 page pdf into a PocketMod booklet. That’s what I used to create my own Microlite20 pocketbook above. It does the job perfectly, though I’d prefer to have a Linux version available. Maybe I can come up with a script using psbook or pdftk. Hmmmmmmm……

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