Have you ever wanted to put a face to the spammers who are filling your inbox with crap? Well, here they are. The worst spammers of our time. Together they are guilty to 80% of all the junk that ends up in our inbox, or 40 million emails a day.
The information comes from the British organisation Spamhaus who published a report where the 10 worst spammers are named. Above you can see the top five.

As written by Christa over at Awful Souls. I couldn’t word it any better myself.

These people are the opportunists of the digital world. They account for billions of dollars/yen/pounds of bandwidth, for which they don’t pay a penny. These are the people that have turned email from being a viable communication media to a place you wouldn’t want your child to go near. Yes folks, these are the Penis Enlargement Five.

If these people are known, and they have commited crimes – why are they free? Why do we still get this crap? Why?

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