ACallToArms: If you do only one thing today, do this.

Americans, today is a day where you can make a difference.

You can save lives today, and hold your head high because you did the right thing – not just for your country, but for the whole world.

It’s not about politics, or about which party is “on your side” and which isn’t. They are politicians. They all (almost without exception) self-serving, corrupt and as likely to dump on you as they are to make your lives any better – regardless of which political party they belong.

This is about saving lives. Pure, and simple.

Get rid of Bush’s powerbase, today.

If you have never voted before, do it now. Vote, because it is your one and only voice. 655,000 deaths in Iraq. Countless more in Afghanistan. US and allied soldiers – all dead because of the orders and lies told by the President of the USA.

Don’t let your apathy cause one more death in your name. Vote, in the name of all that is Holy.

If you do only one thing today, do this.


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