Microlite20: My little biddy 2 page Microlite D&D-ish role-playing system has been very well received…..

Used this system last night for a little Halloweenie Fright and Screamy! It was very fun and we started playing right away (we all made up characters that day before the game). One of the best DND sessions I have ever played ( I didn’t have to go digging in a rule book for thirty pages to find a rule or looking around the corner to find a lawyer for said rules). Characters were generated in no time flat.
– kroh, ENWorld forums

My little biddy 2 page Microlite D&D-ish role-playing system has been very well received by the folks over at ENWorld, so I’ve decided it’s deserved a mini-site all of it’s very own. It’s now living at http://home.greywulf.uk.to/m20.

One of the challenges of design is to pick a style that suits the subject matter. As this is a system about as minimalist as it gets, I went for a single page that looks like a text file. It’s kinda funky-retro to create .css that looks just like a text file circa 1983. In this case, the stylesheet is just:

 body {
	margin: 20px;
	font-family: "courier";
 p {text-align:justify;}
 h1 { text-align: right; }
 a {
	text-decoration: none;

Ok, it might not suit everyone’s tastes, but it certainly matches the subject matter :)

In unrelated news, since the upgrade to bleeding edge Opera 9.10, my browser frustrations have gone. It’s not crashed once. I like it when unstable alpha-level software is more stable than the stable release. It kinda makes sense in this crazy mixed up world.

Talking of which: If you’re American, VOTE AGAINST BUSH. Whatever your politics, whatever you think of either party, don’t let voter apathy cause another innocent to be killed or tortured in your name. VOTE AGAINST BUSH. I can’t stress it strongly enough.

I’m rambling now. I’ll shut up.

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