WhatTheFuckHaveTheyDoneToOpera: [[Opinion]]: A rant

Yeh, I’m swearing in my own blog. Live with it.

Once upon a time, Opera was the best browser on the planet. I could have 20-odd webpages open at the same time, have it pull in mail from 6 or 7 accounts and rss feeds from almost a hundred sites, and it would just sit there and take it. I could leave it up overnight, and it would still be using the same amount of memory in the morning. No leaks there, then.

It had themes, tabbed browsing, built-in spell checking and more, all before Firefox, and still be smaller, faster, lighter. It rendered webpages with lightning speed and efficiency. Quite simply, it was the best.

I dutifully upgraded to the latest version (9.02) like a good Opera geek should, and it’s all come crashing down.

The operative word being “crashing”.

Now, if Opera is open for more than an hour, it starts to max out the CPU usage for no apparent reason whatsoever. It sticks between 88% and 100% CPU, locking completely and sludging the rest of the system too. It’s like….like….like…..fricking Internet Explorer fer Chrissakes! I’ve tried leaving it all alone for a while, but nothig happens. I’m typing in “killall opera” more often than I’m typing my own name.

I’m writing this in Firefox. I’m probably alone in the whole world by not liking Firefox. Webpages render more slowly than in Opera. There’s no “z” and “x” keys to move backward and forward through clicks. Shift-leftclick doesn’t open up a link in a new tab. And it Just Doesn’t Scale Right when I use ctrl+ and ctrl- to increase or decrease zoom.

I know that I could probably fix Firefox to do all this by adding in extensions, but I don’t care. It’s not Opera. It doesn’t feel like Opera.

sigh. I want my small, fast, efficient and crash free Opera back.

UPDATE: I’ve upgraded to the testbuild of Opera 9.10. Let’s see if that fixes things.

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