We watched two great movies back-to-back last night, thanks to the miracle of Blockbuster.

First off was Ice Age 2, which is fun. Perhaps the best compliment I can give is that it’s just like Ice Age 1. The plot is non-existent, but who cares when it’s both funny and beautifully done. It’s basically a feature-length buddy movie/cartoon with an old-school one-laugh-per-scene motif. If that’s yer bag, it’s great :)

Next up was Da Vinci Code, which is a good movie simply because it’s a good book. Period. That, and part of the movie was shot at Lincoln Cathedral which is kinda close to home and a terrific place to visit. I’m happy to say that they stayed faithful to the plot, with only a change of nationality for Sophie Neveu. That’s nothing to write home about though, and everything else hangs together at a steady pace.

If there’s anything that lets it down, it’s the horrendous miscasting. Paul Bettany is just Wrong as Silas, the albino monk. We need someone bulkier, more menacing and downright brutal. Paul just hasn’t got it at all. He should have spent longer in make-up too – there’s nothing about him albino apart from the token white hair. Really, it’s like being savaged by Boris Johnson (Conservative PM and amiable buffoon).


Worse though was the casting of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. I can understand their need for a big name in the cast as insurance of movie success, but Dr Langdon is supposed to be clever, sharp and Know His Stuff. He’s supposed to be Harrison Ford sexy and give off a dynamic passion for his subject. Tom Hanks on the other hand comes across in the movie as just plain gormless and bored. He’s just the wrong person in the wrong role. Which is a shame.

Despite this though, it is a good movie, and one worth watching.

Now you know :)

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