Comments on LoveOnTheEdge: I keep them on disc and make regular backups. My largest images are only 500k, however. ;)

Ususally I load them on the harddrive in categories, like family, experiments, blah blah..and eventually load them to disc Family/year/month, experiment/year/month…then I hardly ever see them again unless I’ve uploaded them to my blog or printed them…it’s a mess no matter what you do!!

tom 2006-10-28 16:24 UTC

I keep the lot. I find it difficult to delete them (unless they are obviously truly awful). The other factor these days is that even crap photos because of the high resolution might have a good photo within them and still have enough raw information to make a decent image in there somewhere.

I remember this flickr image initiating your invention of the Flickrette patch.

I’m not happy with most ways of keeping track of them all – all of the bits of software I’ve found to make it easier tend to be almost right but annoying in a lot of ways. Picasa is ok (I’d like it a lot more if it’s organisational abilities were improved), Photoshop Elements is pig slow with lots of images even on fast PC’s, ACDSee Pro was pretty good when I trialled that and iView MediaPro? seemed to do just about everything very nicely. That is what was in the picture above as well.

I also tried Adobe Photoshop Lightroom recently and it looked quite nice on the surface but seemed buggy and slow – but it’s still beta software so I shouldn’t judge that prematurely.

With so many photos, I just synchronise them to an external hard disk periodically.

publicenergy 2006-10-28 18:53 UTC

I keep them on disc and make regular backups. My largest images are only 500k, however. ;)

Alex Schröder 2006-10-28 19:57 UTC

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