If you are in the UK and want to take part in the biggest blog in history, then go right ahead :) It’s a push to document a single-day-in-the-life of as many people as possible. Here’s my entry, duly submitted.

Strange word, “History”. My favourite definition of history is paradoxically also the most recent I’ve heard, from The History Boys movie. “Well, “ they say, “It’s just one thing after another”.

My day started at 6am with my cellphone waking both I and my partner up. I’d purposefully picked a particularly dreadful ringtone – one that would have me rushing for the off button. It worked. Strike one for History, for cellphones have a fascinating history all of their own. Most things do, if you look closely enough. I wake, make coffee (another Historically significant item. Essential too, especially at 6am) and eat breakfast, while my partner showers. I’m taking her to the hospital today to have her Gall Bladder removed through keyhole surgery. The operation itself is minor, in as much as all operations are very minor, and was impossible a mere ten years ago. I’m glad that her surgeon is standing on the shoulders of giants today, and just hope he doesn’t fall off during surgery.

We arrive, wait, talk to a nurse, give urine sample (not me, my partner that is) and wait some more. We are escorted to the Ward, where we wait again. She’s sleepy and I’m just sat around, so I leave and return home. I’ll come back in the afternoon after the operation is complete.

None of this would be possible without what’s happened in the past. There would be no hospital to go to, roads or cars, and no surgeon. For that matter, there’d by no gall bladder, no partner and no me, either.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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