DamnLiesAndStatistics: 50% of all UK schools are below average, apparently

In the news today:

50% of all UK schools are below average

This damning criticism comes from the School Inspectorate, and we’ve got ministers and experts getting their 10 minutes of fame on TV thanks to this one statistic.
They’re right, of course. 50% of all schools are below average. That is because that’s what average means! It’s the middle. 50% above, 50% below. Oh the joys of average, median and mean and all that jazz.
It’s lazy reporting and sensationalism at it’s very best, so in the spirit of “do as they do”, here’s a few of my own:

Half of all men are shorter than average
Up to 50% of food bought from restaurants is below average
Half of all blogs are above average
50% of all women are…heck, you make something up.

And finally:

50% of all people who voted for Bush have below average IQ

Though I suspect the percentage for the last one is much higher.

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