OneBangAndBarryScottIsGone: I wish………..

The title of this blogpost won’t mean much to you unless you’re in the UK, in which case I’m betting you’re grinning wishfully to yourself.

Here in the UK, Barry Scott is one of the most annoying people on TV. That’s all the more impressive (TV is full of annoying people, after all) because he only appears in one 3 minute advert. Nothing makes me change channel quicker than Barry Scott.

The product he’s trying to peddle is a universal “miracle” cleaner called Cillit Bang. The problem is that his voice is SO DAMNED LOUD and intrusive it’s like a herd of rhinos charging through your home. I’m sure Cillit Bang is great. I don’t doubt it’s amazing cleaning power for a second. But wild horses and a trip to Bush’s deepest darkest torture chamber wouldn’t make me buy the stuff.

The advert has failed, badly. Barry Scott has put me off the product, for life. Yes, it’s that bad and annoying.

It’s not the only ad that falls into the category of “fails miserably as a marketing ploy”. Also in that list is any cosmetic advert that includes completely made up pseudo-science. Phrases like Boswellox (like bollox, but with three random letters inserted. At least it’s partially true :) ), Pro-Retinol, Conyalots-A (ok, I made that one up) just don’t do it for me. It’s beaver testicles and cream. We know it’s beaver testicles and cream. Don’t advertise the fact, but please don’t pretend it’s science. That just belittles science, ok?

I think we need some new laws that make it 100% crystal clear that adverts must not lie. Not even little white ones. If it’s not the truth, they can’t say it. Period. They can’t say that a car is “the drive of your life”, or that a certain drink “gives you wings”, because it’s just not the truth. It’s lies, all damned lies!

After all, what’s the point telling your kids to always tell the truth when all they have to do it turn on TV and be bombarded by 3 minute long lies, constantly?

So, which adverts do you hate, and why?

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