HeyWouldntItBeCoolIf: …there was some way to update your website even while you're offline, then sync it all up when you're connected again

  • …there was some way to update your website even while you’re offline, then sync it all up when you’re connected again
  • …and it was all stored in just one file that would fit on a USB pendrive
  • …and work with IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera so it didn’t matter which ‘puter you had your pendrive stuck in
  • …so it didn’t need a database either. Just that one file
  • …and it worked as a blog (for those linear timeline moments) and a wiki (for the creative neural-net junkie in you)
  • …and it had tags. Must have tags
  • …and an RSS feed, so folks can read what you’ve written without actually going to your site at all

If your eyes are glazing over while foaming at the mouth (it’s not a pretty sight. Stop it, please) then take a look at TiddlySpot. It’s the remarkably clever TiddlyWiki, but with upload capabilities. The website on your pendrive is your website. Write. Sync when you want. Simple as that.


Free registration, yadda yadda. They don’t even ask for your email address!

I’m not about to move over from my ever-lovin’ OddMuse, but I sure can find a use or two for this service. Stay tuned!

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