SignifyingNothing: Lots and lots and lots to say

“it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
– Clear proof that Shakespeare was a blogger

So little to say, so much time. So I better get started. I’m feeling kinda gnarly today thanks to an ear that feels like someone poured concrete into it during the night. I’m sure you know the sensation. Achy, blocked and downright unfun. Ah well.

Meantime, I’m working on a little Top Secret role-playing project. Don’t go there; it’s not finished yet :)

In other news; why is it that a country that has more guns than people is still putting up with the sh*thead in the Whitehouse crapping over their liberties, the Constitution, freedom and world reputation? Not to mention killing innocents, women, children and American soldiers, all to further profit, political cause and Haliburton. I just don’t understand. Heck Janet Jackson’s nipple got more of a response, and Bush is a MUCH bigger tit on TV.

We’re gearing up for the business and now know pretty much what equipment we’re going to need for the studio. I’m likely to go for the Canon 5D while Christa’s getting the Nikon 200D, both kitted with the best prime lenses our budget can afford. We’re going to cover 50mm, 85mm and 105mm focal lengths, plus Christa’s getting a Tamron 28-300 ‘big ugly’ just like mine. It’s a great carry-all lens that’s perfect for those “out of studio” moments.

We’ve been watching fun movies over the week. Bruce Almighty is one of Jim Carrey’s better films as it doesn’t descend into the Touchstone-style schmaltz that have weakened some of his other films. Garfield:The Movie was great; much better than I expected it to be. Finally, Calendar Girls. If you haven’t watched that movie, I suggest you grab it ASAP. All the more because it’s a true, inspiring story. And it’s set not too far away from where we live :)

Over on Abandonia their latest abandoned game in need of a home is Re-Volt. It’s a race game with a difference; you’re driving a remote-controlled car around streets, a museum and a shopping mall. And you’ve got weapons. It’s fast, fun and looks gorgeous, especially if you crank up the resolution and graphics settings. Works fine in XP, and it’s free to download – you don’t even need to do that silly registration crap first. Go on.

In other gaming news, we’re both lost in Sims, in all it’s incarnations. Christa is building mansions in Sims 2 on the PC while I’m hopping between Bustin’ Out on the PS2 and Sims 2 on my laptop. For my money, I’d say that the PS2 versions have better control, and I love the Story Modes, but the PC version win out because of the sheer open-endedness of it all. And Mod the Sims 2 is God. Monique’s Relationship Decay Hack is an essential download :)

Now it’s time for second breakfast. See ya later.

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