(AKA: My excuse why the car is always so darned untidy)

  1. Large sheet of white card – use as a reflector. Use as a background. Lay on it in the mud. Hide under it in the rain
  2. Compass – to find the north-facing window indoors, or the way home
  3. Sunglasses – poor man’s polarizer. Also helpful when taking shots in bright light
  4. Spirit level – ideally one that fits into the flash socket of the camera to ensure horizons are level. Essential for shooting wide-angle street photos from the hip
  5. Roll of small clear plastic bags – keep the camera in one when it’s raining and still be able to shoot. Keep your sandwiches dry. Store rocks, leaves and other textures for your next home project
  6. Bean bag – handy replacement for a tripod. Use on stone walls and open car windows. Great for tossing at kids to take fun shots of their faces!
  7. A single old sneaker – drop on the sidewalk for that reportage war-torn environment shot you’ve always wanted. Or get a dog’s attention with it when taking shots of pets. Add a second sneaker for those times when you really need a change of shoes
  8. A small sheet of grey card – take incident light readings, or use it to cover the lens during long exposures of fireworks, lightning, car lights, etc
  9. Cellophane sweet wrappers – poor man’s filters. Great for shots into the sun
  10. Water spray – no macro shot of flowers is complete without water droplets :)

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