I’m typing this, wirelessly, on my shiny new laptop running Ubuntu. That is to say, the laptop is wireless, not me. OK, I’m not wireless either. And the laptop does have a wire hanging out of it for power. So it’s not really wireless at all. It’s all a marketing con.

Let’s start again.

I’ve got the wifi working under Ubuntu, thanks to the perennial trick of Following The Correct Instructions. As is typical in the gloriously anarchic world of Linux, there’s two ways to get wifi working. One uses bcm43xx-fwcutter to extract the firmware and use that. That’s the wrong one. It didn’t work. Ah well.

So, I followed this guide instead and used ndiswrapper to do the magic with native Windows drivers. It worked, flawlessly.

Hence, I’m here, typing in (newly downloaded) Opera while updates update and downloads errrmm….. download.

Yay, etc. Indeed.

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