SoMuchToDoSoLittleTime: In no particular order

In no order whatsoever:

  • Get wifi working over Ubuntu so I can update it and move over to the One True Operating System on the new laptop
  • Strip the kitchem floor, check the water damage, assess what needs to be done (patch, fix, or remove and refloor)
  • Lay new bathroom flooring
  • Seal around the shower, etc.
  • Remove the fridge and shelf from the kitchen
  • Check oil and water in car
  • Blogpost about new iPod
  • Blogpost about new laptop
  • Hunt for freelance programmer work (anyone?)
  • Take more photos
  • Upload the photos I have taken to flickr
  • Organize photos and burn onto DVDs
  • Write new story for The Grey Scribe
  • Decide whether to keep The Grey Scribe or to integrate it into Greywulf’s Lair
  • New article about Perl for greywulf::net
  • More promotion for my book
  • Fix the graphics drivers so Sims 2 doesn’t play like a dog. Software rendering. Ugh!

Like I said, so much to do, so little time….. :)

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