SimsAndArmpits: So here I am, blogging in Notepad while Sim City 4 installs.

So here I am, blogging in Notepad while Sim City 4 installs. We’ve been playing Sims 2 for the past few days while being netless, so I thought it was about time to dust down it’s big brother and do a spot of city building. Ah, the power.

In other news: I propose that the MPIAA is renamed in an effort to distance itself from the Evil that it has done. In the interests of the entertainment industry, it has sued thousands of people including lickle children and 83 year old grannies. It has raked in cash by the bucketload though it’s doubtful that any artist at all has seen a single cent of this. It’s wined and dined (read: bribed shamelessly) politicians in an effort to introduce laws that serve only it’s needs at the expense of freedom of expression. It’s both embarassing and corrupt, not unlike a certain US President.

So, it needs a rebrand to more accurately reflect it’s actual duties. I propose the name Association of Recorded Music Pundits and Institute of Technophobes. Acronym: ARMPIT.

I think it’s got a certain ring to it, don’t you?

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