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I hate to say this, but if they wanted them that badly they could just copy and paste them and then print them out. I would charge way less, like a dollar, and use it to promote dontations to you, like for your flickr account.

I am happy just reading them at the scribe myself.

reaper 2006-06-24 18:10 UTC

Sure they could :) If you’ve ever tried to do that with a website though, you’ll know just how big a pain in the ass it can be. This way, I’m offering a real, honest-to-goodness paperback book, complete with beautiful cover, all for the price of a couple of Big Macs.

The stories won’t end though. I plan to keep going with Grey Scribe, and (hopefully!) release Volume 2 of stories later this year. So don’t worry, you’ll always be able to read the stories there first :)

…and, 67 stories for $12.00 works out at less than 18 cents a story. Bargain! :)

GreyWulf 2006-06-24 18:20 UTC

A couple of my friends have had some books and CDs printed up through LuLu with really great results. The prices are fair enough (even though you only make a couple bucks per sale, and YOU’RE still the one doing the selling) and the print quality is really good.

Retarded Wizard 2006-06-24 23:06 UTC

Way hey! Congratulations :)

Anonymous 2006-06-26 09:36 UTC

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