SixtySevenAndCounting: Sixty seven stories on The Grey Scribe and counting :)

That’s how many stories I’ve written for The Grey Scribe since 7th November 2005 when I started the project. That’s an average of one new story every three days. Not bad :)

Some stories, such as You’d better be good (written on Christmas Eve) or The Remington I’m especially proud of. Others…. well, let’s say they provide the padding, and leave it at that. Thankfuly, there’s not too many of those though. I’ve experimented with different writing styles and found a lot out about the kind of writing I prefer along the way.

Anyhow. Good or bad, I love them all. I’m proud that The Grey Scribe is still there, and lures me to write more. I hope my new project at Tales From the Twisted Underground provides the same lure. I hope to be able to maintain both, though I’m more likely to average a story a week for Underground. We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a complete index of all sixty seven stories I’ve written for The Grey Scribe to date. Click on a few and leave a comment or two to let me know what you think :)

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