MovingFiles: Moving files, broken glasses. Neither are related.

The desktop machine has spent most of the day moving files around, shuffling them off an 80Gb backup drive onto other sundry places on the internal network. I’m cleaning it so it can be exorcised of the Evil That Is NTFS (Nicely Tortuous File System). It’s finding new life as a reformatted ext3 journalled filesystem containing …. exactly the same files as before. But it will be running, faster, smarter and without those ugly annoying “sorry you do not have permission to write to the folder you created yourself not two seconds ago” errors I know and detest.

In other news, my son hit me in the face yesterday in a not violent kind of way. Broke my glasses which meant I had the joy of driving home without wearing them. Dodging blurry cars is fun.

Thankfully, a little superglue has fixed the problem (not the blurry cars, my glasses. Keep up at the back!) until I can get a shiny new pair on Wednesday. Panic over.

Oh, and it’s hot here. Hot and sticky.

What’s the weather like where you are?

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