The (UK) government’s food watchdog is expected to call for a ban on TV commercials advertising junk food before the 9pm watershed.

(BBC News)

This is a good move, and one that’ll please parents and the easily tempted everywhere.

It’s also kinda funny as it puts food on the same level as soft-core porn. I expect my inbox to be flooded with offers of “Instant Mac gratification” and “Call now for your free xxx hot pizza action” or “Buy your Ch@colaet here”.

I bet lots of fake blogs will appear that just talk about food. Oh, we’ve already got those :)

On an unrelated note, my (elder) son made up a joke after last weeks’ episode of Doctor Who. For the uninitiated, the Ood were an alien race in the show.

It goes like this:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Odd who?
Ood you think?

Well, we laughed.

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