2006-06-08 1832 Opinion: How to Impeach Bush yourself.

If they won’t do it for you, Do It Yourself

Did you know that it’s possible for any US citizen to initiate the impeachment process? No, neither did I. What this means is that it’s possible (if you live in the US) for you to Impeach Bush, yourself. No, this isn’t a joke, but there’s one hell of a punchline.

The DIY Bush Impeachment site has prepared letters and gives instructions how to do this. What they’re asking people to do is send in two letters today (One to the Speaker of the House, and the other to John Conyers of the House Judiciary), then send another copy on October 12th. Hopefully the impact of a shedload of Impeach the President letters all arriving on the same day will get widespread media attention.

The letters detail full cause, reason and precedent. They outline the reasons for Impeachment as:


The memorial goes on to set forth that, George W. Bush has intentionally misled the Congress and the public regarding the threat from Iraq in order to justify a war against Iraq, intentionally conspired with others to defraud the United States in connection with the war against Iraq in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 371;


The memorial goes on to set forth that, George W. Bush has admitted to ordering the National Security Agency to conduct electronic surveillance of American civilians without seeking warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, duly constituted by Congress in 1978, in violation of Title 50 United States Code, Section 1805;


The memorial goes on to set forth that, George W. Bush has conspired to commit the torture of prisoners in violation of the “Federal Torture Act” Title 18 United States Code, Section 113C, the UN Torture Convention and the Geneva Convention, which under Article VI of the Constitution are part of the “supreme Law of the Land”;


The memorial goes on to set forth that, George W. Bush has acted to strip Americans of their constitutional rights by ordering indefinite detention of citizens, without access to legal counsel, without charge and without opportunity to appear before a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention, based solely on the discretionary designation by the President of a U.S. citizen as an “enemy combatant”, all in subversion of law;

Which, I think, covers all based excellently.

So, if you want to change history, and make the world a better, safer place for everyone (and live in the US), please – Impeach Him Yourself.

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