2006-06-06 1109 Fun: Talk to me!

Talk to me!

greywulf::net now has it’s own IRC channel! There’s 2 ways to stop by and say hi. First, the easy way:

Easy way

If you’re using Firefox, just grab the Peeko Chat firtefox extension. Install it, restart firefox and hop back to this page. The url is http://home.greywulf.uk.to, in case you’ve arrived via Blog Mad. Press Join in your shiny new peeko toolbar and you’re in.

Remeber to set your username in Options so we know who you are! :)

Here’s what Peeko Chat says about itself:

Peekko Chat is a new Firefox extension that makes every web page a place where people can congregate. It adds a toolbar to Firefox that shows how many people are in that page’s chat room and allows you to instantly connect with them.

The slightly less easy way

Use any IRC client and set the server to peekko.pertinent.net, port 8080. Join us on channel #wiki.greywulf.uk.to. Ok, maybe that’s easier, but it’s not half as much fun. ☺

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