2006-06-04 1932 Writing: New story at The Grey Scribe: The body in the snow

The body in the snow

I was a friend of Peter Ackroyd, and that in itself was enough to mark me as a suspect in his murder. Friend was perhaps too strong a term – Peter was the master of the dangled carrot. He had called a small group of people to his mansion over the Christmas of 1924 to decide who would be the lucky recipient of £50,000; this being his annual investment into one new business venture. It had become something of a yearly tradition for the young millionaire, though sadly, this would be his last.
I arrived on Christmas Eve as arranged, and introduced to my fellow competitors. Peter entered a little while later, as smooth and debonair as ever. But wait, I get ahead of myself……

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My attempt at a classic 1920s murder mystery. Hope you like it!

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