2006-05-31 0823 Lifestuff: silent caller

silent caller

We’ve started getting strange phone calls; the kind where the phone rings, I answer and the caller just hangs up. No words, no sound of breathing, nothing.

It’s not freaking me out or anything as I’m not easily spooked by things like this. It’s just…..strange. Either someone has a broken automatic calling system, or a lot of time on their hands. There might even be a rational explanation. At first we thought it was BT checking the line as there’d been a fault on it for a while. I dunno.

Either way, I’m sure it’ll find its way into a story on Grey Scribe or Twisted Underground. Heh.

Talking of which, I really need to write something new on those sites today. Later, when the coffee has started circulating through my veins, maybe.

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