2006-05-27 1121 Writing: Oh my. Two stories in one day. I must be on form. Please take a moment to read this one and comment. It's a cautionary tale for us all.

Oh my. Two stories in one day. I must be on form. Please take a moment to read this as it’s a cautionary tale for us all. Comments welcome!

The Jpeg of Hilary Horse

A cautionary tale

Hilary was never what you would call a success. She was born into a middle class family in a middle class area to parents with upper class aspirations. When she consistently failed to reach their expectations, they wrote her off as a failure, and turned their attentions to Adrian, her younger, cleverer and much better looking brother.

This suited Hilary to a tee. She had spent her childhood being the last girl picked to join games, the last to finish her work, and the last to be kissed. It’s not that Hilary was particularly ugly or awkward; she was just plain looking, her chin a shade too long, her nose a touch too wide. The crueler boys had called her Hilary Horse in the playground. At first she hated it, but the name struck home. Inside, she felt like a horse too, head down, plodding along, working quietly while the farmer gets all the credit. Horse by nickname, horse by nature.

Hilary took a job as a secretary, Ordinary hours, ordinary job, ordinary person. When the opportunity came for IT training, she chose something out of the ordinary. She fancied a change from words and filing.

She chose Photoshop.

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