2006-05-27 0922 Writing: New story at The Grey Scribe: The Eater on the Train

The Eater on the Train

There’s a town in – no, I won’t say where, you might go looking. Let’s just say, there’s a town. It’s an old place built between two hills where first a railroad, then an expressway cuts through. At either end of those thoroughfares are two cities, two important cities that show up on any map of mainland US. This town is spot between them. That’s all I’ll say.
Let’s call this place Two Hills. It’s not the real name, but it’s close enough and good enough for our needs. It came into being with the birth of the railways. The engines needed to pick up water someplace along the track, and the hills round these parts are blessed with fresh springs. First came the pumps, then a diner, a bar, then a hotel. Soon Two Hills was a bustling little down, as good and pretty a rest stop as any. From the top of the hills you could see the vast plains below, and wonder at just how insignificant we all are.

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