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Alright, one suggestion so far. I think there should be a volcanic region that is hostile to almost all life. This would be a perfect place for flame atronauchs. It would also serve as a great natural barrier, or a wall to keep you in. As for Atronauchs stats, All the basic elemental places they would have high scores, such as underwater, volcanic, desert, mountain. In other places it would be low, such as underground, marsh, plains, forest. Basically they either get an 8, or a 1 in the areas due to them being elemental golems. You also have to have a high degree of magic to have atronauchs due to them being created by magic. They are kind of like the workforce.

As for the LizardKin?, they should have 8 in marsh, 7 aquatic (they can breath underwater), and 6 forest.

For humans I think it would depend on the type, like the logger type would thrive in a forest, the nomadic types in plains and deserts, ect.

Here is a custom race, Aroula-arabis. They are a race of constantly aflame snake creatures. they range from beast-like to the ones in charge who are more humanoid. They get an 8 in volcanic regions. A 6 in desert. And a 7 underground. They get a 1 in aquatic, 3 in marsh, 4 mountain, 4 hill, 2 forest, 3 plains.

I think all the races should have at least 3 high level regions, one uber low region, the rest average. (exlcluding the golems due to elemental golemy nature) I was thinking as a penalty to balance out the golems pure workforce and thriving enviromental abilities they get diplomatic penalties, ect. In other words they must have an intelligent source to instruct them.

Also, Aroula-arabis are a race made soley by me and I think I can dig up the bestary. Will post here later if I can.

reaper 2006-05-25 18:39 UTC

Found it lol.

Aroula-arabis, or fire serpents
common features for mostly beast Aroula-arabis: Snake type creature with a flaming body. all have fangs. Upon death they heat up to extreme levels and after a period of 20-60 mins depending on the size of the snake, disintegrte into ash, this process is known as “burning away”.
lesser Aroula-arabis: Resemble rattle snakes. Usually between 5-10 ft., these serpents have a rattle on the tail that grows with age. In a dire situation they may make their rattle explode, killing itself and usually its enemy in the process. These serpents have fangs, but cannot shoot fire out of them as Greaters can. These can also not burrow underground. They usually fight with their fangs and tail.
Greater Aroula-arabis: These are the larger relatives of the lessers. They resemble cobras, complete with hood and markings. They are usually 15-20 ft.,but can possibly grow 30ft. long. These serpents can breath fire from the fangs in their mouths and will do so without hesitation. Their most terrible abilitiy lies in their burrowing. Swift, silent, and deadly, many an adventurer has fallen to a Greater exploding from the earth beneath. Although it is not proven, it is rumored that they have the ability to hypnotize their foes.
common features of humanoid Aroula-arabis: They have never been discovered by anyone, or those that have seen one have died. They are usually always clad in robes and are by far the most dangerous Aroula-arabis. They are not constantly flaming as their beast counterparts. Their are two types, Jarkarnists and Rithalmers. They are quite differnt, but share one terrible trait, they can overpower the mind with a stare. They are extremely difficult to kill, regular weapons are ineffective. Even worse, they can take extreme levels of damage, they can take a spear through the gut without losing speed. Before death they release a fire spirit. This usually resembles a flaming serpent and has no physical body. If this is not destroyed, then it will find a host body, usually another snake, and be reborn in flames.
Jakarnists: These are the juggernaughts of the Aroula-arabis. They are 8-10 ft. tall and very bulky. They have inhuman strength and love to use large weapons to crush their foes.
Rithalmers: These are the magic users and mastermind behind the Aroula-arabis. They are the most powerful Aroula-arabis due to their magical skills. Although not as physically imposing as the Jakarnist, they are extremely strong. They usually stand 5-7ft. tall and are quicker than the most creatures. They can have power over any magic that they train in and all possess elemental powers. They usually have one Jakarnist as a body guard.

reaper 2006-05-25 18:41 UTC

oh, sorry just ignore that. I will email you it in a more readable form. The word text came over without paragraphs so it looks like that above.

reaper 2006-05-25 18:43 UTC

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